Frequently asked Questions

Do you have to wear a swimming cap during world record swimming?

During world record swim and charity swimming it is allowed to wear any attractive headgear that does not endanger the safety of the swimmer or fellow competitors.


On what basis is the start order set when recording a record?

Registration for the appropriate time will take place shortly before the event. We will send the relevant information to the registrants by e-mail.


Where will the awards take place?

The award ceremony will take place in the catering and gymnastics tent after the end of the competition.


Can't attend the event, can I get a refund?

If you cannot participate in the competition, send an e-mail , at the latest on the day of the competition. The entry fee will not be refunded upon later notification. If the competition is canceled, the entry fees will be refunded.


Is it possible to register a record for a swimming message on the spot? What time do I start?

Yes, it is possible to register on site. You can start live.


Can I pay the entry fee on the spot or do I have to make a transfer?

Payment can only be made in cash on site, please bring the exact amount. There is no card payment option.


What time does the record start for swimming men vs. women?

Record swimming men vs. women will start approximately at 17.10.


Is participation only with a COVID Certificate?

Entrance only with Covid-XNUMX vaccination pass or a certificate of recovery.


When does the registration for the Estonian Winter Swimming Championships end?

The last day of registration for the competition is December 5 at 23.59.


When will the registration record for the record swimming men vs. women?

It is possible to register for the world record event until the event takes place.